Rainfall Reports

LPLWS Tipping-Bucket Rainfall Data Collection

A tipping bucket rain gauge is collocated at each of the 31 surface electric field mill sites within the Launch Pad Lightning Warning System (LPLWS). Tipping bucket counts are recorded once per second and each tip indicates 0.01 inches (.254 mm) of precipitation. The rain gauges were funded by the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) to provide ground truth validation for the TRMM satellite launched 27 November 1997.

Summaries of the rainfall activity at each location are available below as tabular reports or a graphical display. The daily reports provide hourly rainfall totals over the previous 24 hours starting from the current time or over the 24-hour period of a specific day. The monthly reports provide daily rainfall totals. A precipitation map is also available to display daily, monthly, and yearly rainfall totals and can be animated for comparison.

The additional search feature below allows for the rainfall data to be queried by date, time, and sensor location.

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Some of the data may not be available online due to disk space limitations. If you need any of this data, please contact the curator of this website.

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