Cape Weather Surveillance Radar

Cape Weather Surveillance Radar (WSR) is a Titan Doppler Radar (TDR 43-250) with 4.3 meter (m) antenna and average 250 kilowatt (kW) transmitted peak power and was manufactured by Radtec Engineering, Inc. The WSR is located on Deseret Ranch in Orange County, Florida (28.3938 degrees N, 80.9510 degrees W), roughly 37.0 kilometers (km; 20 nautical miles (nmi)) northwest of Patrick Space Force Base and 42.6 km (23 nmi) west-southwest of the KSC/CCSFS launch complexes. The C-band, klystron-based, dual-polarization Doppler radar measures particle velocity data in addition to range, direction, and reflectivity data within 300 kilometers (km) of its location. The analysis and display software is the Integrated Radar Information System (IRIS) Version 8.13.3 from Vaisala, Inc. The current weather scan strategy provides a raw IRIS radar file every ~2.5 minutes with a radial bin spacing of 250 m. The scan strategy can be adjusted to spin slower on clear weather days, providing files every ~6-10 minutes. The IRIS radar products include:


The raw IRIS radar files may be converted to other data formats (e.g., NetCDF) using software like the Python Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Radar Toolkit (PY-ART) and Radx by the National Center for Atmospheric Research/Earth Observing Laboratory (NCAR/EOL). The data may also be visualized using GR2Analyst by Gibson Ridge Software.

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